Multilingual DTP/Typesetting Services

Any organizational message worth its salt manages a continual balance between two necessities - providing direct information,
and understanding audience need. 

At, we’ve geared our Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) approach with this philosophy in mind because you need more than just rudimentary translation skills. Your message must be formatted correctly, and with contextual understanding fueling the impact of each phase.

When Do You Need DTP Services?

Adding DTP to yourproject is important when your translated documents need to match the original layout perfectly, without awkward translation blemishes. Here are some scenarios where DTP becomes essential:

● Expanding Languages - When translating from English to certain romance languages, the text can easily grow larger unpredictably, and that requires careful alterations in font size, spacing and placement.
● Complex Languages - Languages such as Polish have long words that may require resizing graphics and menus depending on the graphic design and layout of your publication, print or digital. 

●  Right-to-Left Languages - For languages like Arabic or Hebrew, the text and graphics will need repositioning to properly express the right-to-left reading direction. 

●  Character-Based Languages - Chinese, Japanese, and many other languages require specific versions of publishing software to handle their unique character sets effectively. At, we’re skilled at working within those systems.

120+ Languages supported
24 - 48 Hour delivery on most projects
Friendly Customer Support

How will DTP services affect
my business?

Professional DTP services will guarantee that your documents are not just translated but also visually appealing and correctly formatted. This is especially important for marketing materials, manuals, brochures, and any published content where appearance matters as much as the text itself. After all, we don’t want to see our hard work nailing your brand or organizational message go to waste, either!
A well-formatted document thoroughly improves readability and professionalism and reflects on your business well.

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Our DTP Process

At, we prefer to make your ordering process, easy, streamlined, and reliably delivered upon.    

Request a Quote  -  Send us your files and project details, and our team will analyze them to provide a customized quote. The cost of DTP services depends on factors like the number of pages, quality of the source files, and turnaround time. We make sure to provide Multilingual INDD Adobe Source Files for easy delivery. 

We Begin Translating - Once you approve that quote, we will promptly begin the translation process. If you have style guides we should refer to, please share them to ensure our consistency regarding the expression of your brand’s voice.

DTP Formatting After translation, our dedicated DTP specialists takeover. Translation is a careful, focused art, and we make certain DTP specialists can focus on their projects full-time. We assign a specialist who speaks the target language, or our final project is reviewed before delivery. Goes Beyond Translation

At, we go beyond simply translating your documents. Articulate, precise, and professional is our standard at
Your legal documents carry weight, which should not be lost in translation
but instead gain an air of legal sophistication when translated by us. No matter if it be contracts, patents, or court documents, we have your back covered.