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Subtitling cuts to the heart of translation services - since visual mediums have been around, closed captioning has developed to help art, promotional material, and more provide audio transcriptions to those who understand or hear the language being used.

As such, subtitling is a hugely popular feature on video services such as YouTube or even Netflix and isone of the most commonly used accessibility features worldwide. Better yet, you don’t have to be hard of hearing to gain the benefit of subtitling and careful closed captions, some people prefer their use for following a story more closely, understanding the spelling of names, or gaining clear information which could be lost in the audio mix.

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Subtitling for Global Audiences

The video has no borders in our interconnected world. Yet language barriers can prevent your message from traveling far and wide as it deserves to. That’s why our expertly translated subtitles allow you to share your videos with international viewers in their native languages.Our linguists go beyond simply translating text, ofcourse.

We dedicate tremendous time to skillful localization, without at all changing your creative intent, to ensure your subtitles read naturally. This allows us to adapt content for length and timing restrictions, and follow regional norms. After all, a joke in one language might not translate into another. With us, it will. We offer real support for most languages, we'll help you engage audiences from Paris to Tokyo.

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Professional Transcription Services

Sometimes you just need to put speech to paper. Our transcription service captures audio and video word-for-word,perfectly preserving recordings for legal, medical, even scholarly, and other highly important uses.

We make certain of accuracy, counting each word in real context, only ever using verified and long-proven transcriptionists who have an understanding of the fields they translate for.After all, who is better to translate your long-awaited academic speech than a multi-lingual expert with a deep comprehension of your material? Surface level readings simply cannot suffice in those contexts.

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